Red Star Raider
Action Adventure

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Red Star Raider

Red Star Raider is a fast paced, action packed platform shooter presented in a retro style and not just in the visual sense. Players will have to master Parry, dodge, reflect, wall slide and many more skills to be able to survive

The plot? The Heroine; Captain Eydis finds herself stranded on an asteroid whilst escaping the Invuctus dread fleet. Unfortunately for Eydis this asteroid is infested with the "Cinyphis"; an alien insect like race that consumes all organic matter; converting it to crystallised energy for their queen. If Captain Eydis is to escape the asteroid alive she will need to find and kill the Cinyphis queen who will be located at the core of the asteroid.

Check out the trailer below

Red Star Raider Trailer


Recoil Float

Whilst in the air you will be able to shoot downward to temporarily float using the recoil. This will be very useful for traversing the terrain as well as finding hidden areas.

Multiple weapon types

Captain Eydis’s pistol is an advanced multifunctional weapon that has the ability to use ammo from almost any gun type. You will be able to cycle between the primary weapon and any special ammo you pick up on your journey.


The dash ability allows Eydis to pass through any projectile in any direction. This is the perfect tool to escape bullet storms. This ability drains power so it will need to be used wisely.

Plasma Cutter

Eydis left her ship prepared for battle and she is carrying a deadly plasma sword (The Plasma Cutter). This weapon uses a lot of power to activate so it is not something that can be used often.


Eydis can parry and deflect incoming projectiles with her plasma sword if timed correctly.

Plasma Dash

After a successful parry Eydis will absorb energy that will allow her to dash and use the full power of the plasma sword. This attack makes her immune to any damage and it is her single most powerful attack.


Eydis does not need to rely on her weapons to defeat her enemies. She has a range of powerful melee combos and special attacks that can be used on all enemies.

Default button config - Red Star Raider is designed to be played on a pad but keyboard can be used also, below is the default button layout

Grab your sword and fight the Horde

Special Thanks

Hanna Tailleur

The soundtrack has been provided by Hanna Tailleur and it is incredible. You can listen to a sample below and check out Hanna via the above links, be sure to check out her other works.

Red Star Raider - Sample

Nicolas Pava Palacio

A lot of the environment art has been created by Nicolas. Please check his social media contacts above for more information

Leandro Saccoletto

Leandro has been responsible for programming and migrating Redstar Raider from Gamemaker Studio 1 to Gamemaker studio 2 as well as adding all the new features for PC. Please check his social media contacts above for more information

Darryl Reid

Darryl created the original Game Maker Studio 1 engine project as well as a level building tool that streamlines development. Please check his social media contacts above for more information

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